How it all began...
Rudy Valenzuela Jr. has been studying martial arts for 15+ years and in October 2013 became Stacy Jorgensen's 1st
MMA Black Belt. Rudy was born & raised in Corpus Christi, Tx. He began studying martial arts with Stacy Jorgensen at the
recommendation of his brother Randy Vera who now is the Head Instructor/Owner of Austin Kickboxing Academy in
Austin, TX, affectionately known as

After one month of training he was invited by high school friend, Daniel Kureska to begin training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  with
Mr. Aurelio Gallegos at Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. From this point forward, it became a lifelong journey to
study and practice any and all forms of martial arts techniques to utilize in the sport that is now known as Mixed Martial

After mere months of studying under Mr. Stacy Jorgensen, he was asked to begin teaching kickboxing classes at the
Weapons at Hand Martial Arts facility. So in essence, Rudy has been spreading his knowledge of martial arts for nearly as
long as he's been studying/practicing the martial arts.

Today, Rudy is commonly found still studying and applying numerous techniques for the ever evolving MMA game. For
instance, wrestling with King High School's wrestling coach Abel Saenz, Boxing with Danny Pena, protege of Corpus
Christi Hall of Fame boxing coach, Emilio Sanchez and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Full Contact Fight Academy head instructor
Black Belt, Hector Munoz. Recently, Coach Rudy has began to train and learn alongside, coaching great Duke Roufus at
the Roufusport Academy in Milwaukee. Duke Roufus is head coach to UFC Lightweight Champ Anthony "Showtime"
Pettis. Also Coach Rudy along side Coach Hector Munoz, became the first coaches from Corpus Christi to coach in the UFC
with the first ever Corpus Christi native MMA fighter to be signed to the UFC, Roger "Silverback" Narvaez. Together they
have most recently secured the first victory at the highest level of Mixed Martial Arts in the UFC against 6' 6" Luke
Barnatt at UFC Fight Night 57 in Austin, TX November 22nd 2014!

Rudy is lucky to have trained with such great martial artists. He is very proud to spread his wealth of knowledge in
martial arts with current local MMA fighters: Elias "Smash" Garcia, Aaron "Anarchy" Gomez, Marcus "The Rawness"
Huerta, Tjay "The Kid" Cipriano, Christi "The Professor" Morgan, Abel "The Go-rilla" Zaragosa, Audrey "The Assassin"
Alvarez, Roger "Silverback" Narvaez and Hector "H-Train" Munoz.
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For those of you new to us or our site here's a quick explanation
of who we are. We've been locally owned and operated in Corpus
Christi for 22 years. The first 17 years we taught Sil Lum Gung Fu
& Kickboxing. In January of 2009, we changed our curriculum and
evolved with the industry. Today we offer Kickboxing values
with an innovative curriculum. We are open to anyone of any age,
gender, size, martial arts style or experience level. We would
love to be your place to learn something new, get in shape and
have a great time doing it!  
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Stacy Jorgensen is the Adult MMA head instructor of Weapons at Hand. Mr. Jorgensen has been training in the Martial Arts for over
32 years.

Originating from Lake Jackson, Texas, Mr. Jorgensen began Judo at the age of 12. He studied this art for about 2 years, but was
left wanting to learn more about the other aspects of martial arts. This was the 1970's in America and the popularity of Bruce Lee
and Saturday morning Kung Fu Theater was at an all time high.

Mr. Jorgensen found a Chinese Boxing school in Freeport, TX run by Ben Becerra. He trained there several years. This proved to
be the foundation of his lifelong career in martial arts. While training he actively competed in traditional martial arts tournaments
across Texas and built a reputation for his speed, accuracy and power during forms and sparring. Always seeking greater
knowledge of the arts, Mr. Jorgensen continued seeking other styles to learn from and merge into his own “Tool Box” of
techniques to supplement his training in Chinese Boxing. Towards the end of his tenure with Becerra Chinese Boxing, Ben Becerra
traveled to China to compete in the World Chinese Boxing Tournament with an American Sponsored team. Ben Becerra left his
school in the hands of his student Stacy Jorgensen. The following six months allowed this 18 year old to understand what it takes
to own and run your own school. This is when he polished his customer service skills and the ability to teach people of different
ages and levels.

While competing across Texas, Mr. Jorgensen met Art Mosqueda in Galveston, Texas at a tournament. Sifu (Chinese for Teacher)
Mosqueda taught Sil Lum Gung Fu in McAllen, Texas. This ultimately became the art Mr. Jorgensen embraced the comprehensive
style. For several years, Mr. Jorgensen would travel several times a month to McAllen from Lake Jackson for training. He earned
his 4th Degree Black Sash is Sil Lum Gung Fu.

At the age of 21, Mr. Jorgensen opened his first Weapons at Hand Martial Arts Academy in Clute, Texas. This was short lived due to
personal reasons and Mr. Jorgensen found himself moving to Corpus Christi, Texas in 1987. While in Corpus Christi, Mr.
Jorgensen met the people who helped him continue to evolve his personal style of martial arts. Raynard Jackson and Ronnie
“Diamond” DeLeon provided foundations for building his future dream of opening Weapons at Hand again one day in Corpus

Raynard Jackson hired Mr. Jorgensen to teach martial arts lessons for the City Parks and Recreation Department to teach
Freestyle Karate and American Kickboxing. Mr. Jorgensen earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate under
Ronnie “Diamond” DeLeon. Later, Mr. Jorgensen was employed by the Corpus Christi Athletic Club and taught karate to children
and adults.

Ronnie “Diamond” DeLeon was already the WKA World Kickboxing Champion when Mr. Jorgensen met him and decided he
wanted to get fully immersed in Kickboxing. He loved the ability to blend the traditional martial arts with the practical. Mr. DeLeon
taught, trained and coached Mr. Jorgensen in Kickboxing. He competed in Kickboxing before the current evolution of MMA and the
saturation of various small organizations worldwide. While competing in Kickboxing, Mr. Jorgensen held a record of 48-7 and was
the North American Kickboxing Runner-Up. His professional fighting allowed him to travel internationally. Mr. Jorgensen's
fighting record began with kickboxing, but he was able to compete in shoot fighting which today is the popular MMA. He retired
from professional fighting in 2003.

In 1991, Mr. Jorgensen decided to re-open Weapons at Hand Martial Arts Academy in Corpus Christi. He opened his doors in a
small location on Staples affectionately referred to today as “The Hallway” due to its size. Students who started with him 22 years
ago still stop by to visit, take classes periodically or to bring their children and/or grandchildren.

Through the years Mr. Jorgensen has taught traditional Sil Lum Gung Fu and Kickboxing. Always believing people learn and
develop at their own pace he has favored a belt system that is not on a time schedule, but on a personal schedule. That is
personal to the student. As a result, in 22 years, Weapons at Hand Martial Arts has only 4 students who have earned their Black
Sashes and 1 student who has received an MMA Black Belt. He has given out 1 MMA Black Belt, 1 Honorary Black Sash, 2 Black
Sashes and 1 Junior Black Sash.

Now, moving into its 5th location, Weapons at Hand has grown and evolved with the industry while always sticking to the
traditional values of martial arts. Mr. Jorgensen has taught hundreds of children in the area and looks forward to continuing his
strong tradition of fun classes full of knowledge, allowing the students to grow, learn and develop their own personal sense of

No other instructor in the area has more practical experience in traditional martial arts and in amateur and professional fights. Mr.
Jorgensen still continues to learn and adapt his vast knowledge to benefit his students. His large professional library covers the
history, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspect of various martial arts and his knowledge is unsurpassed in the area.

As all teachers know, their success is only measured in the success of their students. Mr. Jorgensen is very proud of his former
students and current students. The best compliment he has ever received is the knowledge that former students have taken
some of his foundation and used it as adults in their careers. For example, Randy Vera, who now teaches Muay Thai and BJJ in
Austin, TX and competes professionally in MMA. Freddy Medellin, chose to continue his martial arts and now opened his own
school. Larry Escher, continues studying various martial arts and has chosen Krav Maga as his personal love and opened his own
school in Katy, TX. Some younger students such as Benito Ambriz, Joshua Hernandez, and Kevin Torres have swept traditional
martial arts competitions in the past and have been Grand Champions at tournaments. Also, Mark Ortiz, Adam Ibarra, Gigi
Alvarez, Rudy Valenzuela and Kelly Torres have each won Title Belts in either Kickboxing or MMA.

Stacy Jorgensen looks forward to teaching another generation of martial artists in the new location at 9929 SPID in Flour Bluff.