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kids mma
jr mma
This class is for 6 - 8 year olds.  
Your child will learn to have a
positive "I CAN" attitude and to
use common sense before self
defense.  The class will consist
of learning punches, kicks and
basic wrestling and no gi jiu
jitsu techniques.  The main
focus will always be on safety,
even when light sparring
techniques get introduced.
(55 minutes)

Equipment required: Bag
gloves, shin guards, mouthpiece,
and head gear)  
This class is for 9 - 12 year
olds.  They will learn the
value of hard work and focus
on monthly themes.   The
techniques taught will be
punches, kicks, wrestling and
no gi such as perseverance,
teamwork, loyalty, honesty,
etc will be incorporated to
all classes.  Also, how to avoid
bullies and not becoming a
bully will be implemented.     
(55 minutes)

Equipment required: Bag
gloves, shin guards,
mouthpiece, and head gear)
This class is for 4 - 5 year olds.  
It is the perfect toddler class.  
The class will focus on FUN!  The
students will enhance their
gross motor skills.  They will
work on balance and listening
to directions.  They will learn
basic your child will learn to
love having a healthy, fit
lifestyle.  We will have a
monthly theme and a student of
the month from one of the 3 - 12
year old classes.  Your child
will be reminded about
stranger safety and build a
healthy positive attitude which
will lead to self confidence.
(45 minutes)
tots mma
This is a great workout for those wanting to get
in shape and lose weight OR for those wanting to
learn the basics of fighting and getting ready to
compete in kickboxing or MMA.  This is a real
fighter's workout.  Members will workout to a
timing bell that has a training period of 3 minutes
and a rest period of 1 minute, just like a real
boxing match.  Each class will incorporate some
jump rope to improve timing as well as other
plyometrics, body weight exercises and TRX
training.  Each class will have an instructor
teaching basic combinations focusing on technique
and fitness.  Members will learn punches, kicks,
elbows and knees.  A great total body workout for
all skill levels.  A great way to relieve stress and
have fun! (55 minutes)

Equipment required: Bag gloves and handwraps)
These technical classes will help develop proper use
of the kickboxing and boxing techniques used in both
the kickboxing and mma classes. the classes will
involve partner drills utilizing focus mitts, thai pads,
contact drills, bag work. Be prepared to workout
nearly every minute of class as there will be limited  
breaks. don't be intimidated. we look to have fun with
these classes as well as sweat a ton. You'll learn how
to properly utilize and defend punches, kicks, knees
and elbows in a fun and safe environment! Every
class will help you reach your goals as well as build
confidence! Cya there! (55 minutes)

*The kickboxing/boxing drills CLASSES are includED
with the "Kickboxing and MMA Memberships"

Equipment required: Boxing gloves, shin guards,
mouthpiece and handwraps)
kickboxing/boxing drills
Competition MMA - These classes are designed to teach
the individual how to effectively use techniques and
skills for actual MMA competion.  This class is 60 minutes
long to incorporate a warm up designed to get you in
quick fighting shape.  The striking classes will focus on
all the stand up skills needed in MMA such as punches,
kicks, knees, and elbows.  Focus mitts, body pads, thai
pads will all be incorporated into the workout.  The
grappling classes will focus on wrestling, no-gi jiu
jitsu, defending and developing a take down. Members
will use all equipment in the gym at some point to
enhance their training.  Sparring as well as live
grappling and wrestling will take place in our
kickboxing ring or 18' Octagon Cage.
Participants will have the opportunity to compete if so
desired. (55 minutes)

Equipment required: Bag gloves, MMA gloves, shin
guards, mouth piece, handwraps and head gear)
Optional equipment: Ear guards and grappling knee pads)
mixed martial arts
This is our most basic membership.  Members
will not receive any formal class
instruction, but do have access to our
facility except the cage.  NO CAGE USE BY
BASIC GYM MEMBERS  Gym members are
welcome to come use our Thai bags, double
end bag, speed bag, boxing ring, treadmill,
squat rack and weights, TRX suspension
training wall, or grapple on the mats.  Enjoy
gym use at your convenience!!!  
We require all members with paid
instructional memberships get first use of
space and equipment during their
designated class times.  For example, NO ONE
except toddlers, kids and juniors allowed
on open mat space during their class times.
basic gym membership
1.  Respect yourself and others.

2.  Take responsibility for your actions.

3.  No shoes on mats.

4.  Clean up after yourself.

5.  Put equipment away where it belongs.
(not necessarily where you got it from)

6.  Do not interrupt students or instructors during

7.  Put bags, shoes, towels under chairs anD
benches.(Chairs and benches are for butts not
gym rules